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If you would like Accumulink to put together a fundraising card for your organization, use the form to the left and please follow the THREE SIMPLE STEPS below.  Please note: on a smaller tablet, the required form might be below these instructions. 


Step One- Fundraising Card Merchant SelectorIn the top section of the form, please enter the required information about your nonprofit organization.  Be sure to provide the number of cards you would like to order.  *Filling out this form is NOT a purchase order and you are under NO obligation.  We will contact you to finalize your order.

Step Two- Fundraising Card Merchant SelectorIn the next section, choose the "national", or "large regional" businesses that you personally would like to see offer a discount on your fundraising card.  The businesses are divided into four general categories... Fast Food, Restaurants, Pizza and Coffee Sweets & Treats.  Choose approximately 40 from this list and we will contact them.

Step Three- Fundraising Card Merchant SelectorProbably the most important section to fill out is the "Local" businesses at the bottom of the form.  These would be names of local businesses that Accumulink may not know, but a local person like yourself would know.  Please try to list approximately 10 to 20 businesses and we will contact them.  Try to include a good number of restaurants, as well as a few boutique or gift shops, recreation & fun places, Salons, Spas, Fitness Studios, Hardware, or Auto related stores.


The last step...

After your form submission, we will contact you to go over the details of your order request.  When everything is finalized, we will go to work and build your fundraising card!

We look forward to helping you meet your fundraising goals!


Raising Money with Fundraising Cards

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List as many businesses as you can, in the box above, using the format shown.

Good examples would be: Restaurants, Boutique/Gift Shops, Recreation/Fun, Salon/Spa/Fitness, Hardware/Auto Care


When you are ready to submit...

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