How Text Marketing Works


Cash back shopping for referring others

1. Secure your own KEYWORD

After you sign up your business or nonprofit organization, you need to create a custom group and secure a keyword.  This keyword will be unique to your specific business or organization and should be chosen accordingly.  Like the keyword FORE, or GOLF, for a golf course, or BLING for a trendy downtown jewelry shop.  Your customers will be texting this keyword to 62687, to opt-in to receive your SMS text marketing messages.

Your customers will instantly receive what's called an "auto reply", which acknowledges they have been added to your marketing list.  You can customize this auto reply message to include a special discount, promotion, or just a simple "Thank You!"

Cash back shopping for nonprofits

2. Build your list of CUSTOMERS

Every time a customer texts your keyword to 62687 and receives your custom auto reply, they will be added to the group you just created.  To help your business prosper, you will want to grow your marketing list as large as you can!  You can make this happen by promoting your keyword on an in-store flyer, on your Facebook page or Twitter account, even face to face at your cash register.  Quite often, rewarding your customer with a special coupon on the auto reply message can really help to grow your list.

Cash back shopping for referring others

3. Send out marketing MESSAGES

Now you are armed with a powerful tool to access your customers instantly.  Studies show that approximately 95% of texts are read within the first few minutes.  Unlike monthly magazines or newspapers, when you use our system to send out coupons, or any other type of promotion, your customers will get the message literally, in seconds!  You will finally be in control of driving traffic to your business whenever YOU need it most.  So get creative, login to your Accumulink account and send any custom marketing message you wish.



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